Who we are

Mabisel Trading & Construction operates some of the finest offshore marine support vessels, serving the West African oil and gas exploration and production industries, having its office located in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.>

We provide a wide range of offshore support services coupled with the highest standards of safety, service and technical expertise in the marine industry. Mabisel Trading & Construction has over four service vessels strategically located in the shores of the Niger Delta and the West Africa.

Mabisel Trading & Construction also renders Construction Services such as Civil, Engineering & Technical services. We possess the industry's most dedicated, qualified and safety-minded personnel, both onshore and offshore. Together, our personnel and equipment continually set safety and performance records in offshore support services.

Mabisel Sea Angel 2

Our Vessels

  • Mabisel Owen Tide II
  • Mabisel Wildbeest
  • Mabisel Osprey
  • Mabisel Emmanuella IV
  • Mabisel Emmanuella III
  • Mabisel Emmanuella
  • Mabisel Jurini
  • Mabisel Emmanuella II
  • Mabisel Emmanuella I
  • Mabisel London Service
  • Mabisel Oceanus
  • Mabisel Gannet

Intrusion Detection System

An intrusion detection system (IDS) is a type of security device designed to automatically alert administrators when someone or something is trying to compromise an oil and gas wellhead assembly through malicious activities.

Why do we use the system ?

  • An IDS can be used to help analyze the quantity and types of attacks, and organizations can use this information to change their security systems or implement more effective controls.

How does the system work ?

  • Upon detection of an intrusion event, the system generates an alarm in REAL TIME and displays the exact location of the event. The alarm indicates the type of intrusion event detected. Alerts can be sent to concerned personnel over sms so that a rapid response can be initiated.

Tank Cleaning Service

Tank Cleaning and Waste Management Services *new

Oil and Gas Industry Tank Cleaning Services

  • Drilling Rig Offshore/Onshore tank Cleaning
  • Mud System Cleaning
  • Cleaning of Solids control Systems;Shakers,Pits and lines
  • Brine standard cleaning of tanks for material product change over
  • Platform cleaning and other topside general cleaning services

Marine Onshore Cleaning Services

  • Supply Vessel Tank Cleaning
  • Tank Inspections and Tank Farm Cleaning
  • Product removal, storage, recycling and Product redelivery
  • Bulk Cargo Vessel hold Cleaning
  • Hydro blasting and Sandblasting

Refineries and Production Facilities

  • Petroleum Tank farm Cleaning
  • Tan Inspections
  • Chemical washing and flushing of Pipes
  • Silo Cleaning
  • Role-Off Trucks, Tanker Trucks and Boxes
  • Tank, General Cleaning and Facility Decommissioning

Thermal Processing Equipment

  • Remediation of Contaminated soil(Oil Spill)
  • Treatment of sludge,drill cuttings and filter cake